Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's been happening

What have I been up to lately? Lots of things! Here's just a glimpse of what I've been doing:

Recently, on October 31st, I participated in Carnival, which is like a fair for little kids that the high schoolers put on. I was in the Barbeque Booth, and our theme was Sponge Bob. The theme of all of Carnival was Shipwreck Cove. The day was busy, and I came home at 7, exhausted and sun burnt, but pretty happy. I got my friend Becca to paint a guinea pig on my face, and that was pretty cool.

This week I've babysat twice for the families I normally babysit for. The kids have been fairly good, and we've had lots of fun. On Monday afternoon, the kids and I played Capture the Flag with some of their friends and we had a blast.

Sunday was wacky. I went to youth group and that was very good. We had a guest speaker. After youth group, one guy, Chun, went to get in his car and leave. He has to push start the car, so he was trying to do that, but it was on a steep hill, and he couldn't get it to start. It started rolling backwards, and he couldn't stop it so it swerved into a ditch, and he was pinned between a street sign and the car door. As soon as it happened, the rest of us ran out to help him. He said that his leg hurt, but besides that he was okay. We had to push the car out of the ditch into the road and thankfully Chun was able to start the car once it was in the road. The door on the driver's side is messed up, but I think they got it closed in the end and Chun drove off.

After that, the rest of us all headed over to the high school to get photos of the ferris wheel at night for Yearbook. It took forever to put the lights on the ferris wheel, get the cars in the right places to shine light on the ferris wheel, and get everything else ready. At least someone had their Ipod with them, so we had music to listen to and a couple of the guys were wrestling. It was raining, so the seats were soaking wet, but we dried them, and finally after an hour, four of us girls got on, all wearing brightly colored shirts and holding flashlights. We were on there for more than 15 minutes, and after a while it got boring, but it was fun for some time. The two photographers took tons of photos and we finally finished. Then they took all of the lights down and we left. It was a great night, besides Chun's accident.

Now I'm working on Yearbook stuff, and I need to start scholarships ASAP. Please pray that I will be motivated to do them this week. I love photography, so being on the Yearbook staff this year is a blessing! Thank you for praying!

That's all for now. :)




  1. Thats so exciting! Do you have pictures of the ferris wheel? I hope you are doing well, and Ill pray you get all of the scholarships you can!
    Miss you :)