Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back home, but have security problems

Hi, I've been back in Papua New Guinea for over three weeks now. It's great to be back, and my classmates are awesome! Thanks for praying.

However, since we've been back, and even before that, there have been security problems. Many rascals have been in Ukarumpa and have stolen things. There was even a cow killed less than a week ago. Last night and this morning, there were more than 10 gun shots in the nearby village and rascals were sighted on center this morning. They even stole one of Guard Dog's trucks! Our center is currently on lock down, as is the school, so I'm stuck at school in the library typing this up. We aren't even allowed to go up to the restrooms by ourselves; we have to go in groups. At least we could have some fun celebrating one of our teacher's (he's also one of our youth leaders) birthday. Unfortunately, my friend Luke is stuck at the clinic where he went for a dentist appointment. We prayed for the situation, but we need your help, too! Please pray that the rascals would be caught, and that there would be peace in the valley. Pray for peace for our directors and that this problem would be resolved. Thank you so much!


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