Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five more days of braces and a decent mock interview!

I only have five more days left of wearing braces! I am really excited about that!

My mock interview for my Career Success Skills was today, and I was slightly nervous, but I prayed to God and asked him to help me do my best. I dressed up, and several people asked me why I was wearing what I was wearing. A couple of them said they liked my outfit. I went into the interview, not knowing what to expect. I have never had a real interview. When I got there, I went to the teacher in charge, signed in, and was prepared to wait for a couple of minutes, but I was immediately directed over to the table where my interviewer was sitting. I was relieved to find the lady who interviewed me to be very friendly and courteous. Most of the questions that she asked me I was able to reply to quickly and adequately, but a couple of times I couldn't think of a good answer, and I felt like I should have been more prepared. Thankfully the interview was fine. My interviewer told me that I need to speak up, and share more about my experiences living overseas. She said that with the world becoming more globalized, companies are looking for people who have experienced different cultures. My interview was not too difficult, and I learned a few important things to prepare me for when I have a real job interview. It was a good experience!

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