Monday, March 16, 2009

Most Difficult Adjustment

The most difficult adjustment I faced as a missionary kid when I returned to the US this last July, from the country of Papua New Guinea, included leaving behind some very dear friends, and being plunged deep into a culture saturated with bad language and vulgar talk. I know that God had planned for me to experience those things, so that I might grow closer to Him, however, they came as a shock when I got to band camp the first day at Berea High School and the evil words were flowing uncontrollably. I was ready to run out the door and purchase a ticket for the next plane out of Cleveland, but I stayed and trusted God.

There were so many reasons why it would have been easier to have never had to experience life in Berea, Ohio, but instead, simply stay in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. The problem with that is that Ukarumpa can be referred to as a shell, a bubble, or other things along the same line. Ukarumpa is a place of safety-and perhaps a taste of Heaven for the small, close community living in the valley there. But I needed to be challenged, and God knew it, so he took me halfway around the world to a place where I hadn't been for four years. I had to say goodbye to friends that I love with all of my heart, yet the only one who truly matters stepped on the plane next to me and guided me through the enduring journey. He comforted me in the absence of human arms wrapped around my thin body. He has whispered his true and faithful promises to me every step of the way. Though it was very difficult for me in a variety of ways to leave behind my home, Ukarumpa, God had a reason for it, and he continues to have a reason for my being here now!

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