Thursday, January 27, 2011

Refreshed =D

Last weekend I was privileged to go to MK Snow Camp with a multitude of MKs and adopted MKs from all over the Midwest! From sessions about our identity in Christ to staying up ALL night on Friday (well, most of the night, because I was so cold and didn't want to go back to my cabin, so I just stayed in the dining hall with two other people), it couldn't have been much better! The frigid outside air could not put a damper on the warmth and love many of us felt so clearly. Snow soccer, skits, and cards games (especially Dutch Blitz) were other highlights from the short weekend. It went by way too fast! I loved all of it!! After the message on Saturday night about how much we are worth because of our identity in Christ, I felt so refreshed. God is good.


  1. So glad that you had a good time at camp! It's nice to come away from something truly alive and refreshed in Christ!!

  2. Me too! I had a wonderful time. I love getting away and spending lots of time just reading God's word and praying. I wish I had more time to spend praying and reading the Bible all the time, but I get caught up in my work and often compartmentalize my time with God. That's a struggle that I've been wrestling with a lot lately, especially as a freshman in college. It's not easy, but I'm striving to be a devoted follower of Christ in every area of my life.